Is your name GRIFFIN?

Do you want the coolest email address for any Griffin on the Internet?
Send me an email at to check availability for your name.
I can provide hosting for a domain name too, such as

When we've agreed, I'll ask you to come back here to make your payment, then I'll set it up for you.

Subscription Options

If and when you no longer need this service, please click here:

Terms and Conditions. Important. This service is intended for low traffic vanity use only. It will not be suitable for high-volume traffic and may be disabled should the level of traffic cause problems on my server. Likewise, it is not available for illegal or illicit purposes or any activity which may bring me or this service into disrepute, including but not limited to pornography or hosting copyrighted files for download. Again, service will be terminated if any of this occurs.

Web hosting set-up. Wordpress will be installed on your domain, with admin priviledges. It will be your responsibility to maintain it and backup if desired. No support will be available from me. Alternatively at additional cost the DNS Zone file can be edited to point traffic to your own server.